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will have available. >> when you talk about means, you're talking about taxes. >> if that's necessary, yeah. >> what sacrifices do you want beyond taxes? >> i think that that makes the point. the amount of our resources that we are willing to devote to the security of the united states, that's the whole question that's now before us. there may be other sacrifices that time may bring. that's the one i suggest at the present. >> you don't think we have reached the stage yet where we ought to mobilize the entire nation in this fight for freedom? >> by mobilizing, what would you suggest? >> i am asking the question. >> i don't know what the phrase means. by mobilization, if you mean military, i don't suggest that. what i am suggesting is that we try to set before us the things that we must attempt to do in the next five years, if we are going to be secure, increase our security. >> we are still fighting for shorter work hours, for larger salaries -- >> i am opposed to shorter working hours. >> we are still fighting for larger salaries, softer living, more television sets, more automobiles. when
are not going to pay for the insurance in other states. we pay money for our federal taxes, we're going to get that back. you look at states like texas and texas is going to have all those texans paying for the insurance in california or in michigan? i don't think so. it's a great 2014 issue for both congress and for democrats running for governor. >> that's not the case. texas is not expanding their medicaid rolls. they're not giving them away because they're not expanding the rolls which is care cost for them, and you know the obama care only pays the bills for a short period of time. 90% but they don't pay the whole thing. again, you're asking people to expand the role of government, and in texas, they don't want to do that. they want to have private sectose sectors -- >> so they'll give those away. the texans pay those taxes. >> those tax dollars are not paying for obama care. >> let's not just talk about the expansion of medicaid, though. i think it's very easy to lose me and a lot of our viewers here. keep it to the big question, which is, how did this get botched and what are the conseq
, and the rest of us pay for it in our premiums and in taxes. and the mandate requires a basic principal of insurance, basically, which is everybody gets insurance, so you spread the risk and begin to bring the cost down. that's what happened in massachusetts, and in time that's what will happen with the nation. >> that's a big if, right? on a thasnational level, that's big if. >> actually, it's not a big if. we have experience in massachusetts, and it's shown to be not only wildly successful but wildly popular. if we're going to have states be models of democracy, let's not have them be stuck in the lab, let's scale them, and that's exactly what the massachusetts plan does. >> coming up here, we'll talk more about this. some of the bombshell revelations from the 2012 campaign about hillary clinton and governor chris christie. could the news be a game changer for 2016? >>> and later, fall from grace. he was once new york city's top >>> and later, fall from grace. he was once new york city's top cop, ai was ready to serve. i just gotten married. i was right out of school. my family's all
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)